Duchess & Mer | Interior Lifestyle Studio

Our clients desire beautiful and creatively nourishing spaces. 

Our clients appreciate thoughtfully curated elements stitched into a creative expression that transcends both the cycles of fashion and the ever-changing seasons of your life. At Duchess & Mer, we see that expression as the story we ultimately tell; a story that weaves the client and the home together into an epic masterwork. Most of all, you want the ease of an experienced & thoughtful expert team to guide the design & construction process.

Interior design should be uniquely timeless while complementing your personality & lifestyle. We approach every project by thoughtfully procuring hidden gems from highly sought-after destinations and co-create with reputable architects, designers, and artisans. Our goal is to make your home an enduring estate with quality pieces and functionality, with intuitive style and timeless design. One where your family’s stories are told for generations to come.

“Diana has a graceful way of curating interiors that are both moving and suggestive of a wonderful lifestyle. As a result, her spaces convey strong meaning, ultimately telling the unique and compelling stories, which she has an uncanny knack for bringing to life in her designs.”


Susan Weiss, Emerson Bailey Collection

Our Services

Interior Design | Home Restoration & Renovation | Art Direction

We are selective in our engagements, typically working on just 2 to 3 projects per year, either for clients or through our own investment and restoration. The common criteria always being a property with a persona, just waiting for curation and new life.

Meet Diana


Hi, I’m Diana – a creative & restless being who struggles with the mundanity of mass-produced design. Taking on the process of renovating, furnishing and styling several homes over the past decade has galvanized my interest in interiors and architectural design. For me, it’s about unlocking the potential for homes to tell their unique stories – stories that place our clients in the leading role. My approach is always to connect with the ‘soul’ of the home, and then work to bring its full character and personality to life.


I continue to be humbled and honored by the inquiries I receive seeking advice on, or my participation in, so many design and life styling adventures. I do offer consulting work on projects that align with the Duchess & Mer approach, and I am open to opportunities to co-create with other designers and architects.


I look forward to creating with you! 


“Diana has a vision like no other. I spent over a year with her designing a historical home in Denver and no corners were left unturned. We sourced and sourced, until we found all the pieces that were right for the 1930s Tudor Property. She is a gem, a true creative soul.”


Regan Mattingly, Chalet